U.S. stock futures were under pressure Monday after the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 eked out gains Friday for a third straight session of advances in a week of wild swings. The Nasdaq dipped Friday, breaking a three-day winning streak. (CNBC)

While they were higher last week, all three stock benchmarks were running more than 1% declines for historically rough September with four days left in the month. The Dow and Nasdaq were more than 2% from their most recent record closes. The S&P 500 was 1.8% shy of its latest record close. (CNBC)

Bond prices fell Monday, pushing the yields on the 10-year and 30-year Treasurys to 1.5% and 2%, respectively, to levels not seen in months. Yields move inversely to bond prices. August durable goods orders, out before the opening bell, were much stronger than expected. (CNBC)

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is scheduled to testify before the Senate on Tuesday and the House on Thursday. He also appears on a ECB panel with other central bank leaders Wednesday. The Fed soothed markets last week by signaling no immediate intentions of removing Covid-era monetary stimulus policies. (CNBC)

ダウ工業株30種平均とS&P 500が金曜日に上昇を見せた後、月曜日の米国株式先物は圧力にさらされ、1週間の激しい変動で3回連続の前進セッションが行われました。ナスダックは3日間の連勝を壊し、金曜日浸しました。(CNBC)

先週は上昇しましたが、3つの株価ベンチマークはすべて、歴史的に荒れた9月に1%以上下落し、残り4日でした。ダウとナスダックは、直近の記録的な終値から2%以上でした。S&P 500は、最新の記録を1.8%下回っていました。(CNBC)




Investors will also be watching Congress this week, as lawmakers attempts to pass a funding plan in time to avert a government shutdown on Friday. The debt ceiling is expected to be part of that debate, but strategists do not expect it to be resolved at the same time. (CNBC)

As for the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expects it to be passed this week. However, voting may be pushed back from Monday’s promised deadline. The Senate has already passed the measure. (CNBC)






Special purpose acquisition company Gores Guggenheim (GGPI) will take electric car maker Polestar public through a merger, at a valuation of $20 billion including debt. Polestar is controlled by car maker Volvo and its parent Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Gores rose 2.4% in premarket trading.

Acceleron Pharma (XLRN) is in talks to be acquired by an unidentified large pharma company for a premium of about $180 per share, Bloomberg reported. Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) is considered one potential candidate, as it already owns an 11.5% stake in Acceleron.

Toyota Motor (TM) rose 1.3% in the premarket after the company said it had completed a 25.8 million share buyback.

Gannett (GCI), the company behind The USA Today, said it was seeking to refinance up to $550 million in senior secured debt. Gannett said its plan was subject to market conditions and that there is no assurance it will be able to execute the refinancing.


“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” continues to dominate at the domestic box office. Disney’s (DIS) latest Marvel film has topped the charts for the fourth consecutive weekend. It’s now the highest-grossing domestic release of 2021, with $196.5 million in ticket sales, outpacing “F9″ and “Black Widow.” (CNBC)

特別買収会社の ゴレス・グッゲンハイム(GGPI)は、電気自動車メーカーのポールスターを 合併により、負債を含めて200億ドルの価値で公開する予定です。Polestarは、自動車メーカーのVolvoとその親会社であるZhejiang Geely HoldingGroupによって管理されています。ゴアは市場前取引で2.4%上昇しました。

 ブルームバーグによると、Acceleron Pharma(XLRN)は、正体不明の大手製薬会社が1株あたり約180ドルのプレミアムで買収することを交渉中です。 ブリストルマイヤーズスクイブ (BMY)は、すでにAcceleronの11.5%の株式を所有しているため、候補の1つと見なされています。

Toyota Motor  (TM)は、2,580万株の買い戻しを完了したと発表した後、市場前で1.3%上昇しました。




「シャンチーとテンリングの伝説」は、国内の興行収入で引き続き 支配的です。ディズニー(DIS)の最新のマーベル映画は4週連続でチャートを上回りました。これは現在、2021年の国内リリースで最も売上が高く、チケットの売り上げは1億9,650万ドルで、「F9」や「ブラックウィドウ」を上回っています。(CNBC)






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