They have a reputation for being loud and obnoxious, but as Europe looks set to reopen its borders to foreign visitors in time for the summer travel season, it’s hoping American tourists will make a comeback.

彼らは騒々しく不快なことで評判ですが、 ヨーロッパ は夏の旅行シーズンに間に合うように外国人観光客に対して国境を再開する予定であるため、アメリカ人観光客が戻ってくることを望んでいます.


The European Union signaled last week that it will ease restrictions for vaccinated travelers from outside the bloc, including the United States. The E.U. shut its borders last year in a bid to stop Covid-19 from spreading, but many member states that are heavily reliant on tourism are desperate for foreign travelers to return.

欧州連合は 先週、米国を含むブロック外からのワクチン接種旅行者の制限を緩和することを通知しました。EUは昨年、Covid-19の 蔓延を防ぐために国境を閉鎖しまし たが、観光に大きく依存している多くの加盟国は、外国人旅行者の帰国を切望しています。


“Greece is offering what people need,” Greek Tourism Minister Harry Theoharis tweeted as the country reopened May 15. “Calm and care-free moments on the road towards normality.”

今月、 ギリシャ はヨーロッパで最初の主要な旅行先となり、完全に予防接種を受けているか、Covid-19の検査で陰性だった場合に隔離を要求せずに、外国人観光客 (その中にはアメリカ人) を迎え入れた.


One of them, Instagram-famous Santorini on the Aegean Sea, is a tourist trap for Americans. They make up 60 percent of the customer base for Canaves Oia, a small chain of luxury hotels overlooking the endless blue sea and whitewashed houses.

Asked how much he misses having Americans around, Managing Director Markos Chaidemenos told NBC News, smiling: “You have no idea.”

Americans have already started booking — “big time,” he said, reserving rooms well in advance for later this summer.

その 1 つである、インスタグラムで有名なエーゲ海のサントリーニ島は、アメリカ人にとって観光客の罠です。彼らは、果てしなく続く青い海と白塗りの家を見渡す高級ホテルの小さなチェーン、Canaves Oia の顧客ベースの 60% を占めています。




Germany, where Americans represent the largest overseas tourism market, has been cautious with the easing of lockdown measures, with its 16 states slowly lifting some restrictions only in the past week.

Some museums are reopening with restrictions, and cafes and restaurants are starting to reopen for outdoor dining in its hip, urban capital, Berlin, where Americans are the most frequent foreign visitors after Britons.


いくつかの美術館は制限付きで再開し、カフェやレストランはおしゃれな都市の首都ベルリンで屋外での食事のために再開し始めてい ます。


The way Americans who decide to go to Europe this summer will travel is also likely to change, he said. He expects Americans to stay put in one location to minimize their movement, instead of visiting several European countries in one visit.

この夏にヨーロッパに行くことを決めたアメリカ人の旅行の仕方も変わる可能性が高いと彼は言った. 彼は、アメリカ人が一度の訪問でいくつかのヨーロッパ諸国を訪問するのではなく、移動を最小限に抑えるために、1 つの場所にとどまることを期待しています。


Earlier this month, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi told the world “the time has come to book your holidays in Italy.”

The country has also expanded so-called “Covid-19 free” flights to and from some cities in the U.S., which allow travelers to skip quarantine if they test negative before and after they get on the plane.




Despite the E.U. move to ease restrictions on foreign travel, they remain pessimistic about this summer’s prospects.

“It’s too late to announce that France and Europe are open for tourism this summer,” Georges, 68, said.

“It’s almost June, and I highly doubt lots of Americans will book a flight and hotel to Paris on such short notice. Tourism just doesn’t work like that,” he said.

“No one is expecting business as usual this year.”

EU は海外旅行の制限を緩和する動きを見せていますが、今年の夏の見通しについては悲観的です。










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